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New works and next events!!!

Well, I have some news, two new comics are coming and a schedule for my next events!!!

I'm working on a new bl story, a oneshot titled Moonless, the setting for this one will be my own lore for the omegaverse and the story will be a first step onto a bigger one. The printed version will be for sale at the next event I'll be attending, the ExpOtaku A Coruña, it will be 40 pages long including a few extras like a lore explanation.
Cedric is an omega bunny who has lost his mother first and father later on, now lives with his step brothers under his strict step father... All his life changes when he crosses paths with the alfa wolf Allen.

I'm working too on the last number for my story Midnight Spell, this will be the third instalment and it will conclude the story so far, this one will not have any extras so I can fit the story that I have left in the same numbre of pages as the 2 previous numbers.
All the secrets and the reasons behind them will be revealed for all the characters, there will be joy, sadness and some drama.

Now, my events schedule (this will be updated when more events are confirmed):

24, 25 and 26 of May
ExpOtaku, in A Coruña, I'll present there the oneshot Moonless

4, 5, 6 and 7 of July
Metropoli ComicCon, in Gijón, I'll present there Midnight Spell's last number

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Next events and works!!!

For what remains of 2018 I'll be attending 4 comic events, in may, july, september and november and I'm working on 2 new works that I'll present in there, here is the calendar of events and works:

19 and 20 of may
Santander Alternativo, in Santander city

6, 7, 8 and 9 of july
Metropoli Comic Con, in Gijon city, I'll present there my skechtbook "Then & Now"

29 and 30 of september
Japan Weekend, in Madrid city, I'll present there Midnight Spell #2

1, 2, 3 and 4 of november
Salón del manga, in Barcelona city

I'm working really hard on the sketchbook and for now working on a minor level on Midnight Spell #2, right now I have 49 pages of the 112 total of the sketchbook and 4 pages of about 60 pages of the second volume of the comic.

For the skechtbook it's titled "Then & Now" and it will have 112 pages in black and white, with more than 100 sketches, half old ones and half the new versions of that sames old ones, with works from 2002 to 2017. The tech specs will be spiral binding, 120gr paper, 160gr paper cover and transparent bookjacket.



Midnight Spell #2 it will have about 60 pages with the continuation of the comic story of Gale, Artur, Aisleyne, Mebh and Brighid.

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Next events I'll be attending!!!

I'll be attending two manga events in the next three months, Japan Weekend Madrid (february 10 & 11) and Japan Weekend Barcelona (march 10 & 11), I'll be there with a friend in Madrid and with my hommies from NEUH at Barcelona!!!

In Madrid I'll release the first part of my new original manga, Midnight Spell, in comic book format, 68 b&w pages that includes prologue and chapters 1 & 2, plus unpublished extras.

I'll have all the merchan that I have at my online store, keychans, buttons and sitckers, to sell at the table from a lot of fandoms like BTS, Voltron Legendary Defender, Boku no Hero Academia, Yuri!!! On Ice, Owari no Seraph, Nanatsu no Taizai, Kuroko no Basket, Noragami, Ib, Card Captor Sakura, Inu x Boku SS and Magi - The labyrinth of magic

I wish to see you there!!!

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YOI and BnHA buttons

The past month I worked on some new buttons packs from Yuri on Ice and Boku no Hero Academia animes that now are on the online store to buy, you can go directly to the products clicking on each one of the packs images below, the YOI and BnHA models are the default options but if you want you can choose another packs in the options ^-^



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New merchandise at the new shop

There is a new shop at Tictail for MoeLuv's circle just click in the pic below

And with the new shop there is new merchandise from multiple mangas/animes!!!

First we´ll begin with the two buttons pack and two straps of the two main protagonist from Owari no Seraph, Yu and Mika, the straps are reversible this time, so the design in the back are a bit diferent from the front, Yu has demonic eyes and Mika has vampire eyes!!!

The next one is the two buttons pack and two straps of the main pairing from Card Captor Sakura, Sakura and Syaoran, with the upcoming new manga from Clamp as a continuation of the original series I decided to make this two cuties <3

And for the last one, four of the much characters from Nanatsu no Taizai, this four buttons pack and four straps features Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane and King, I have the intention to do more characters from this manga someday ^-^

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GetsuKoko's Preorders

GetsuKoko's Preorders are open until 31st March~!!!

※Preorder Details※

· Includes Prologue, 4 chapters, epilogue and 2 extra chapters
· 164 pages paperback comic
· The price is 7€
· For now it's only available in spanish
· A5 format with black and white interior
· Exclusive bookmark and postcard
· Original watercolor raffle
· Shipping to Spain

※How to make the preorder※

· Send a mail to "kawaiidreamartwork(at)gmail(dot)com with the subjetc "GetsuKoko Preorder" an fill the next info
- Name:
- Number of copies:
- Extra info: (like something special in the signature or what character you want in it)
- Payment type: Paypal or bank account
· I will reply your mail with the info for the payment, Paypal or bank account, whatever you choose

※Other details※

· The books will be sent in april
· If you want an international ship, please ask me, I'll wil tell you how much more will be the price
· If you purchased the 2012 doujin version of 36 pages, you can sent a pic with it and I'll add a gift to your preorder package

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