Next events I'll be attending!!!

I'll be attending two manga events in the next three months, Japan Weekend Madrid (february 10 & 11) and Japan Weekend Barcelona (march 10 & 11), I'll be there with a friend in Madrid and with my hommies from NEUH at Barcelona!!!

In Madrid I'll release the first part of my new original manga, Midnight Spell, in comic book format, 68 b&w pages that includes prologue and chapters 1 & 2, plus unpublished extras.

I'll have all the merchan that I have at my online store, keychans, buttons and sitckers, to sell at the table from a lot of fandoms like BTS, Voltron Legendary Defender, Boku no Hero Academia, Yuri!!! On Ice, Owari no Seraph, Nanatsu no Taizai, Kuroko no Basket, Noragami, Ib, Card Captor Sakura, Inu x Boku SS and Magi - The labyrinth of magic

I wish to see you there!!!

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Till the page 12...

Yesterday I imported to Manga Studio all the pencil pages that I had from prologue and chapter one remake's as you can see in the image below:
The first four pages are from the Valentine's special that I made for number 4 of the now extint P*Magazine of PrimulaStudio, the next 14 pages are the prologue remake, then is the cover I choose to change it with the cover that I made for the third chapter of the online version and the rest of pages are from the remake of the first chapter, I have until the 12 page but in the image you can only see until the double page 09/10 markes as 28/29

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Orenji Magazine #0

Some weeks ago I wrote about the publishing of my manga Wish Upon a Star by Ediciones OrangON... This week the number 0 of their Orenji Magazine, in wich Wish Upon a Star will be published, is now available for download here:

Orenji Magazine #0

You can see a little teaser of Wish Upon a Star as well as other of their comics previews!!! My comic is at page 30 ^-^

But if you don't understand spanish at all and want to see the teaser material, here it is:

Bell: Star, ¿? years, White/brown hair, blue eyes
Cheerful, she's a fallen shooting star, and she can only use her magic for her master wishes

Josh: Prince, 16 years, blonde hair, grey eyes
Calm, half-blood dragon, he can use magic and when he uses it, his eyes become golden



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Wish Upon a Star is being published

My last comic project "Wish Upon a Star" is going to be published by Ediciones OrangON


"Anyone who sees a shooting star, can try to make a wish, but as we all know is very difficult to get them granted... What if one day a shooting star fell from the sky to earth to fulfill all your desires?

Bell is a shooting star that after falling from the sky has an encounter with which she believes is his destined master, the one for which she must grant the wishes... Her biggest problem is that Josh, his supposed master, is a prince who already has everything he needs.

Can Bell find something that Josh really wants and in this way return to the sky?"

Character sketches:



Sketched page:


Finished panels:

Wish Upon a Star 03 Viñeta

Wish Upon a Star 05 Viñeta

Wish Upon a Star 06 Viñeta

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After the XVII Salo del Manga de Barcelona

Already rested after the three-day trip to Barcelona for the con called "Saló del Manga de Barcelona" I want to write an entry to put some photos related to my activities during the con...

First, some photos from the Wacom booth, as you can see they have some of my illustrations at their walls (the three related to my manga Getsuei no Kokoro):

Two photos taken during my Masterclass at the Wacom booth, I have some problems with the program I normally use for my works, so I had to make something out of the blue:

The last two photos, at the right a photo with some of my friends, at the left, the booth of my publishing house for Getsuei no Kokoro, Nowevolution:

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Masterclass at the Wacom booth - XVII Salo del Manga de Barcelona

Like the last four years I'm going to the manga convention held at Barcelona city knowed as "Saló del Manga de Barcelona", this year is going to be a bit different for me because I was choosen for make a Masterclass at the Wacom booth:

(click to enlarge)

Like me, there going to be another three spanish artist masterclasses, all of them are some of my Nowevolution editorial partners. The schedule for the activities are:

Saturday - Laura Kjoge, author of the manga Nómadas
Sunday - Desirée Masrtínez, author of the manga Mi Querido Vecino
Monday - Me, author of the manga Getsuei no Kokoro (unpublished)
Tuesday - Ángela Lara, author of the manga Sweet Blood (unpublished)

You can see in this map, where the Wacom booth is, and where the Nowevolution booth is:

(click to enlarge)

So if you are to going to this convention see you there~!!! You can find me at the Nowevolution booth or walking around ;)

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Welcome back~!

Since the last year I didn't update this blog/page, I can't say the reason behind because I don't know it...

But right now I want to resume this blog/page again because I want this site to be my oficial webpage, I want to upload works, skecths, wips, videos and a lot of material that I will make in the near future!!

So you can say to me "welcome back~!"

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After Barcelona`s Manga Con

Well the Barcelona's Manga Con finish yesterday! I get some illness at the con, I have some fever and pain in my throat TT^TT About the con we sell a lot of material and we sell well our mangas, Yume No Monogatari was sold out, we haven't much quantity but I'm happy with the sold out situation! Now we have to sold out Poker Stars manga too in others cons xD

I know that I don't update this journal much but I'm really working hard on my manga for the galician publishing house you can see the final page without texts of the sketch that I submit in the previous entry:


I like this page a lot, well I like a lot of the pages of this first chapter! I rest today because my ill but tomorrow I will back to work hard again! I want to finish this first chapter for begin with the second chapter xD

See ya again sweeties~!

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Barcelona's Manga Con

Hey! It's been a long time hehe! But soon will be the Barcelona's Manga Con and I'm so nervous about this because this year me and my friends that we are Maneki Studio will have a booth on the fanzines section of the con! We will be too many people, like 7 or 8 persons so we didn't have much space for much variety of material but I want to sell so many things: posters, postcards, bookmarks and some lil badges and sticks. And the most important thing to sell are our mangas Yume No Monogatari and Poker Stars!!!

This weekend I go on trip to see my family because a month ago I move on to Barcelona's city!

Actually I'm working so hard on my manga pages, this weekend will have 64 pages, well only the page sketches, but I'm very proud of this because I have this sketches in one week, I'm making like 10 pages sketches per day!! ^w^

This is one of the sketches:

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Live From Frankfurt

Well I'm now on Frankfurt for some days, vacation time for me and some of my family members like my old sister!! ^3^

I'm working on a Digimon doujin, seson 2 pairing TakeruxDaisuke and SoraxYamato!!! ^w^ It's for my circle Moe*heart*Luv, my friend Alci-chan is also in this circle with me, she have a veru moe and cute style we make a supahhhh moe pair XDDDDDDDDDDDD I have the pencil work of the first page.

See ya~!

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