Josh Dargon - HP Original Chara

I was seeing some pictures in Pixiv when I found this Harry Potter universe original characters project so I want to try it, but I don't understand japanese. Later *inma submit her HP original character to dA and she explains how to make the choose house for the oc's, with this I can to try my own chara.

I find that my character will be belong to Ravenclaw, with this I think about an old character from my Love Puzzles HP doujin, he was a Ravenclaw so he was the perfect choice. In the doujin he's the boyfriend of Kazumi (a japanese girl) and he's a 14 years old Irish boy with blonde hair and grey eyes!!! ^w^

I try to make him seeing to him right, thanks to AyameShiroi my eyes will be more expresives!!!

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Happy B-Day to AyameShiroi

Well today is the birthday of one of my most important friends *AyameShiroi, so I try to draw a fan art to her, I choose a character from one of her illustrations titled "music has wings" at first I was thinking of make it in color but then I think that to make it in black and white will be better, so here it is:

My style isn't so moe like hers but I try my best!! I really like to work on black and white sometimes ^3^

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Max-Hiromeshi B-Day Gift

So dA says that today is my dear friend ~Max-Hiromeshi b-day so I try to make something for him, I only can draw so I catch this pencil draw of his character Max and ink it. I change some little details while I was inking but the base that he draws is there! I wish you like it~!

I'm sorry for not upload more things but I'm working in a project right now and I can't tell nothing about it, so when I can show you things I promise to submit it asap!!!

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Entry for Barcelona's Manga-con Poster Contest

Well this are the three versions of the illustration that I make for the "Salon del manga de barcelona" poster contest, finally I send the third image that you can see on the the right:

But I like this a lot so I make a A3 poster for sell at this manga convention with the central image because I think the other are more think for the contest because you can se "La Farga", the location of the convention, in the background. You can see this poster version in my Deviant ART account too:

CartelSalonFinalB copia

I really like how this come out because I try really hard to color with Sai!!! I hope you like it too :)

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Well the new year it's coming, only 7 hours for the midnight~!

I update this now because in midnight internet and phones will be very satured xD


See you in 2009 guys~!

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Merry Xmas~!

Finally Christmas day come and I give to my mom her xmas present, she likes a lot the draw, it's the first time that I give to my mom an illustration, because she always say to me "your father and sister have some draws made by you but I don't have anyone..." and I always reply "because you always say that I lost my time drawing this stupid things..." xD My mom don't cheer me up with my dream of be a mangaka, she always say to me that I need to put my foot on the earth and be more realistic, but my father always cheer my up to make all my dreams come true and fight for them xD

You can see my mom and the final watercolor illustration in this pic:

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Mom Xmas Sketch

Well this afternoon I go to my doctor to take away the results of my blood analysis, I'm well, my colesterol it's a bit high but my doctor says me that I'm well controlling the things that I eat for some weeks. Meanwhile I draw a sketch for my mom's xmas present, it's a manga portrait of my sister and I (I'm the girl in the left and my sister it's the girl in the right ) ^-^

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Christmas - New Year Sketch

After some days of artblock, yesterday I decide to try draw something for christmas time, finally came out this cute new character with ox-christmas cosplay for the christmas and new year postcard, the tail and the horns aren't real for this character, she's Asteth my new character for a poker diamonds cards thematic ^3^ The hair style isn't definitive, I think to put much large the ponytails tehehehe!


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Fairy Colors Proof

Well I put some colors on my Fairy Skecth, this fairy is for draw on a wall to one of my friends, the colors scheme was a decision of my friend but I like it~! She's very cute, like this colors!

Fairy Colors Proof

See ya~

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