YOI and BnHA buttons

The past month I worked on some new buttons packs from Yuri on Ice and Boku no Hero Academia animes that now are on the online store to buy, you can go directly to the products clicking on each one of the packs images below, the YOI and BnHA models are the default options but if you want you can choose another packs in the options ^-^



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New merchandise at the new shop

There is a new shop at Tictail for MoeLuv's circle just click in the pic below

And with the new shop there is new merchandise from multiple mangas/animes!!!

First we´ll begin with the two buttons pack and two straps of the two main protagonist from Owari no Seraph, Yu and Mika, the straps are reversible this time, so the design in the back are a bit diferent from the front, Yu has demonic eyes and Mika has vampire eyes!!!

The next one is the two buttons pack and two straps of the main pairing from Card Captor Sakura, Sakura and Syaoran, with the upcoming new manga from Clamp as a continuation of the original series I decided to make this two cuties <3

And for the last one, four of the much characters from Nanatsu no Taizai, this four buttons pack and four straps features Meliodas, Elizabeth, Diane and King, I have the intention to do more characters from this manga someday ^-^

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Noragami Merchandise

After the merchan of KuroBasu now I bring you some Noragami merchan, I read the manga and I want to see the anime but not right now maybe when tehy come up with a second season 'cause the first manga arc was a lil' boring, and I think that the anime covers this first arc so I wanna wait for the second arc xDDD

Here the badges/buttons with the packaging, like in the KuroBasu pack, is a 4 badges/buttons pack with 4 of the mains characters, Nora, Yato, Yukine and Hiyori Iki

Here the straps/keychans, for the Nora and Yato ones I made some changes in the reverse versions to match the original designs like the crown on the Yato jacket and the triangle fabric on Nora forehead, I decided to not change the hair direction 'cause in the anime designs they constantly changes the direction of their fringes xDDD

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New KuroBasu merchan

I'm getting ready for the Japan Expo, so I made a revamp of my Kagami and Kuroko chibis and worked on new ones, Aomine and Kise...

I'll make 38mm (1,5inch) badges/buttons that will be available in a pack of four, here you can see the preview of the individual badges/buttons over the packaging design, there is a basketball ball under each button/badge on the packaging ^-^

There will be keychans/straps too and maybe some kiss-cut stickers with the same design of the first draw in this blog entry, they will be available at Japan Expo in July at Paris

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My new badges arrived!!!

I ordered new badges/buttons to re-stock my online store:

Knite and Serina from my original comic GetsuKoko and a chini me~!!!

Kagami and Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke manga

Alibaba and Aladdin form Magi manga

Soushi and Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS manga

Garry, Mary and Ib from horror game Ib

All of them are 38mm badges/buttons

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The shop is OPEN~!!!

I opened the online store for the doujin circle cons leftovers, you can visit it by clicking in the pic below or in the "Shop" section at the web menu

At the shop you can buy the books that I make within the circle and all types of merchandising like badges, straps and prints of different mangas/animes like Magi, Inu x Boku SS, Puella Magi Madoka Magica,...

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Upcoming Books

I have some projects in wich I'm working for the Japan Expo event, there are three books, one original (Getsuei no Kokoro), a Madoka Magica doujin and a Kobato doujin:


-My original manga, Getsuei no Kokoro, tells the story of two teenagers, Serina and Knite, whose destiny is linked more than they have ever imagined... Everything starts with a chance encounter and from that, the adventure begins during this first chapter.
-This 36 pages doujin includes the prologue and the first chapter, with the first 4 pages of the second chapter as a extra~!!!
-Drawed for the Moe Luv circle by KawaiiDream.


-A Puella Magi Madoka Magica doujin with +/- 36 pages of an original story, will be canon couple SayaKyō and yuri couple MadoHomu.
-The chibis sketch are for the backcover... (I'll update with the cover as soon as we have it)
-Drawed for the Moe Luv circle by KawaiiDream and Alci-chan.


-A Kobato doujin with +/- 36 pages of an original story, will be canon couple pairing KobatoxFujimoto.
-This is the sketch for the cover (I'll update with the cover as soon as we have it)
-Drawed for the Moe Luv circle by KawaiiDream and Alci-chan.

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