Lolita Clothes by me

Lately I've been searching for some lolita clothes that'll match my type of body but all the ones that I like are super pricey >-< So I thinked a lot about it and I reached the conclusion that the best was to make my own lolita clothes ^-^ My first two original designs are thematics ones, one based on Sleepy Hollow tv show and the second one based on my own original comic GetsuKoko <3

For this original design about Sleepy Hollow tv show I created an original pic to print on the fabric with the headless horseman, his head, some blood and lamps all surrounded by a frame. I choose to make three pieces: a simple black shirt with long wristbands and a desatachable ribbon; a skirt fitted to the waist that reaches underbust; and the last, a vest imitating the soldier's coats that you can see on the tv show but with other colors of course xDDDD

This is the original design inspired by the two main characters of my original manga GetsuKoko, I used the two color palettes, blues for Knite and maroon and soft yellos for Serina, like the ones I used at their clothes on the comic <3 I designed a jsk with a shirt and a simple underskirt. For the print I used the comic original concept about the origin of the main characters, a white bunny and a black one that were kept on the moon by a god, so I used two bunnies, the black one kissing the white with a moon at the background, something simple but cute at the same time or I think so xDDD

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Hi hi!!

Well I need a new website design, the old was very difficult to update so I use a blog like website with the left navigation to the web sections. I try a lot of differents blogs but I like this a lot, the template itsn't mine but I like it a lot and make the webdesign like this blog template!!! <3

I search a new gallery sistem, the old flash galleries was very heavy to load and I don't like much this. I hope all of you like the new system!

See ya~!

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