Random manga for dA group

Well I'm on DeviantART, an artist community, here you can join some groups, these groups organize some activities in order to test your drawing habilities. I make this mini manga for one of these groups called Academy of Heroes!!! For me is like a exam, they gave me the theme and some companions, for this exam my two companions and I we need to draw a picture or a comic of how we get through a maze called "Forgotten Sands", this maze have three paths, I choose the second path. My chara Reelah find her path blocked with an invisible wall, to get through this wall she needs to solve a riddle:

I make it in only two afternoons so is not very elaborate, but I like it!!! I hope you like it too *hug*

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Diamonds Royalty iManga

I make a lil vid with the 6 first pages of my manga Diamonds Royalty that will be published by Maneki Studio in 09 May... The texts are only available in spanish for the moment but I promise to upload asap an english version. I only edit a bit the images and put a song, I want to make a version with dialogs and sounds effects but I don't have much time TTwTT

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I submit for download my manga called Moondarella in english that it's included in the Maneki Studio manga recopilation Yume No Monogatari, because the recopilation is printed only in spanish... You can donwload it paying 1$ here

Moondarella it's a manga version under author particular vision of the classic fairytale "Cindarella"

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Poker Stars Page Preview I

Well I submit this first here because I want to put some things new here before Deviant ART or Maneki Studio's blog, I think that I have my blog/webpage a lil bit abandoned but I'm stil working on my mangas. I want to show you how look the differents steps that I make for draw my mangas:

This is how my pencils pages look likes xD A lot sketchy and unclean!

I'm searching for a new inking method because my old style don't match propertly with my draw style and spanish editor tell me this past October that I need one new ink style for sure

And finally this is how come out my creentones pages, without texts becuase I don't want to make spoilers of the story, because this is fifth page, I really like this page!!!!!

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