Manga Walkthrough 1: Coloring

I'm back with the rest of the walkthrough videos of how I make a manga draw!!! I separate the coloring process in three videos, the first only show how I choose the colors for every thing and put in separate layers of the archive under the line art layer:

In the second one you can see how I start to add some darker colors and make the shadows on the draw, I work in separate layers always, each color and each shadow has its own layer:

And at the last one you can see how I finish the shading part and I start with the final touches, like choose a simple background and other effects added with photoshop:

For this draw I use Sai and my Wacom Intuos3 A5wide digital tablet!!!

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Manga Walkthrough 1: Sketch and Inks

Well I want to update here the process and tutorials videos that I submit in my YouTube channel because I want the most quantity and variety of works at this blog.

In this case I show you two videos of the process that I follow to remake an old draw of mine with my new style adding to the old draw the things that I learned since the year that I make it (2007)!!! In the first video you can see how I make the sketch and start the ink process, in the second one you can see the finsih of the ink process!

I submit the next videos of this first walkthrough in another occassion!!!

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