GetsuKoko's Preorders

GetsuKoko's Preorders are open until 31st March~!!!

※Preorder Details※

· Includes Prologue, 4 chapters, epilogue and 2 extra chapters
· 164 pages paperback comic
· The price is 7€
· For now it's only available in spanish
· A5 format with black and white interior
· Exclusive bookmark and postcard
· Original watercolor raffle
· Shipping to Spain

※How to make the preorder※

· Send a mail to "kawaiidreamartwork(at)gmail(dot)com with the subjetc "GetsuKoko Preorder" an fill the next info
- Name:
- Number of copies:
- Extra info: (like something special in the signature or what character you want in it)
- Payment type: Paypal or bank account
· I will reply your mail with the info for the payment, Paypal or bank account, whatever you choose

※Other details※

· The books will be sent in april
· If you want an international ship, please ask me, I'll wil tell you how much more will be the price
· If you purchased the 2012 doujin version of 36 pages, you can sent a pic with it and I'll add a gift to your preorder package

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Revamping chapter 2

I decided to revamp the second chapter of my comic GetsuKoko because I want to present the project to some publishing houses and I think that is for the best if the draws of all the book pages have a consistent style... So here you can see some panel examples, at the left the new ones and at the right the old ones


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Finished Old vs New

Not to long ago I submitted here some comparatives between some old and new pencil pages from the prologue of my original comic GetsuKoko, so now you can see the comparative between one finished page, at the left the old one (2010) and at the right the new one (2014)


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Ink wips

Well, I like to take photos of my inking process in Manga Studio and then upload these to my Instagram account, so now I sahre with you some of these captures!!!

Serina from chapter 3, page 57, third panel

Serina and Knite from chapter 3, page 58, last panel

Knite from chapter 3, page 59, last panel

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Some pencils...

Here a recolection of sketches/pencils form the remake of GetsuKoko prologue and chapter one as well of some from the chapter three...
IMG_20131021_230659.jpg IMG_20131021_230845.jpg
IMG_20131023_003413.jpg IMG_20131023_214557.jpg
IMG_20131024_230919.jpg IMG_20131025_235357.jpg
IMG_20131027_214333.jpg IMG_20131104_203402.jpg
IMG_20131106_175643.jpg IMG_20131107_222308.jpg
IMG_20131115_194221.jpg IMG_20131116_205716.jpg

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Now working on...

...the remake of the first chapter for GetsuKoko printed version in one book, I already finished the pencil work for the remake of the prologue that will be 18 page long. The four first pages are from the Valentine's special that I draw this year.

Like I said, I'm working at the first chapter right now, I have 10 pencil pages including the new version of the double page in wich they discovers where they are...
I changed a bit the concept for this page, making Serina, Knite and Neerah seeing the scenary from above and changing the gigantic flowers for normal ones ^-^

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More Old vs New...

I want to submit more comparatives between the old and the new GetsuKoko prologue, so here it is...

This time is the page 8 of the prologue, the thing is that some panels that were on one page at the old version are in two diferent pages in the new one because the narrative is a little diferent betweet this versions...

I kinda like this page a lot, no real reason for it xD

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Too much time since...

...the last time that I wrote something on the blog xD

I'm a forgetful person so when I realized that I didn't write here, it's like half and a year, sorry for that >-<

My life had ups and downs like my mood for write and draw...

Since the last time I worte here I finished the second chapter of GetsuKoko and begun with the third one, as always you can read the pages online (the link for the english and spanish versions of the comic are on the up banner right here)

At this moment I decided to not finish more pages and focus only on draw all the pages in pencil because reasons xDDD And I decided too that I will publish the complete comic as one book, I know that I released the prologue and the first chapter as one comicbook, but this time for the new book I'll redraw these two parts and for the people who already have the old comicbook there will be freebies if they want to buy the new book...

As a preview of the work on the prologue and chapter one revamp, here a comparative collage of the old and new versions:

And that's all for now...

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Working hard on GetsuKoko

On my previous entry I talked about the Masterclass that I taught at the Wacom booth during the XVII Salo del Manga de Barcelona, so in this one I want to show you what I made at the Masterclass. I wanted to make some illustration with Easy paint tool Sai but the program won't work so I had to improvise something with Manga Studio. It's a Serina, you can see the sketch lines under the clean ones:
Page File01

Well, like the title of the entry says, I'm working hard on my manga... I can't make finished pages 'cause I need to improve a lot my style. My editors told me some changes that they want me to do, so I'm working on this changes! Here some Serina sketches:

Comparison of the after and before the changes were being introduced, again I used Serina as a subject of the experiments on my style. This time is a human version of Serina:

Working on the proportions for the new more balanced style at the faces, right now I have added a side face too, but here are frontal and 3/4 faces:

A christmas Serina sketch for 2011, well, the past year I draw too Serina for the happy christmas "card"... I'm a bit unoriginal on the themes of my illustrations because my head is full of GetsuKoko related things...

For the last one I want to show all of you the sample of my efforts working on the new face proportions. Up you can see the sketch of a panel which corresponds to the page 59 of the manga, down you can see the same panel with the new hairstyle and face proportions. Again it's Serina the subject of my tests:

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GnK inks things...

Well I want to put here, in my website, some pics from the blog that I'm making about the process of my manga Getsuei no Kokoro. This time I put some of the last pics related to the inking process.

The first one is a comparative between one panel of the chapter 1 and another from the chapter 2, it's the same character, Serina. When I finished the first chapter I didn`t start the second one. So when I start, the second chapter I find that my draw was improved...

This second pic have some steps from my actual inking process, I had like a month or month and a half of inking practice for improve it, because I felt like my inking wasn't good enough... And with this panel I started the new inking before the time of practice...

The final pic is a comparative between the same panel, after and before all my inking practice time... I'm happy with the improve, but I feel like I need to improve it more, but no with practice,... while I'm keep inking pages I improve it for sure~!!!

See you in another entry~!!! *love*

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