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Well the new year it's coming, only 7 hours for the midnight~!

I update this now because in midnight internet and phones will be very satured xD


See you in 2009 guys~!

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Merry Xmas~!

Finally Christmas day come and I give to my mom her xmas present, she likes a lot the draw, it's the first time that I give to my mom an illustration, because she always say to me "your father and sister have some draws made by you but I don't have anyone..." and I always reply "because you always say that I lost my time drawing this stupid things..." xD My mom don't cheer me up with my dream of be a mangaka, she always say to me that I need to put my foot on the earth and be more realistic, but my father always cheer my up to make all my dreams come true and fight for them xD

You can see my mom and the final watercolor illustration in this pic:

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Mom Xmas Sketch

Well this afternoon I go to my doctor to take away the results of my blood analysis, I'm well, my colesterol it's a bit high but my doctor says me that I'm well controlling the things that I eat for some weeks. Meanwhile I draw a sketch for my mom's xmas present, it's a manga portrait of my sister and I (I'm the girl in the left and my sister it's the girl in the right ) ^-^

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Christmas - New Year Sketch

After some days of artblock, yesterday I decide to try draw something for christmas time, finally came out this cute new character with ox-christmas cosplay for the christmas and new year postcard, the tail and the horns aren't real for this character, she's Asteth my new character for a poker diamonds cards thematic ^3^ The hair style isn't definitive, I think to put much large the ponytails tehehehe!


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