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After Barcelona`s Manga Con

Well the Barcelona's Manga Con finish yesterday! I get some illness at the con, I have some fever and pain in my throat TT^TT About the con we sell a lot of material and we sell well our mangas, Yume No Monogatari was sold out, we haven't much quantity but I'm happy with the sold out situation! Now we have to sold out Poker Stars manga too in others cons xD

I know that I don't update this journal much but I'm really working hard on my manga for the galician publishing house you can see the final page without texts of the sketch that I submit in the previous entry:


I like this page a lot, well I like a lot of the pages of this first chapter! I rest today because my ill but tomorrow I will back to work hard again! I want to finish this first chapter for begin with the second chapter xD

See ya again sweeties~!

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