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Happy New Bunny Year 2011~!

Knite and Serina wants to wish to all of you a Happy New Bunny Year 2011~!!!!! As well as me xDDDD I wish that this new year brings to all of you a lot of good things to share with the people that you love and care for~!

So be good until the 00:00 and begin the year withh all the luck and my best wishes~!!!

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Getsuei no Kokoro - Provisional Cover

Well I'm glad to announce that my new project Getsuei no Kokoro [Heart of Moonlight] will be published in 2011 by nowevolution (spanish publishing house). Some time ago I submit here a first design for the main characters Serina and Knite, and a sketch of one of the panel backgrounds too!!! You can found all the entries related to this project under the category Getsuei no Kokoro.

Now you can see Serina and Knite in their human form here at the provisional cover for the manga (in black and white version)!!!! ^3^ Wish me luck~!


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