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Dynah Blue Sketch

Yesterday at night I want to try some new mechanical pencils that I buy recently, so I take one of my sketches notebooks to make some quick sketch. A lot of time passed since the last time I draw my original character Dynah, so I'd think that was the perfect moment to draw her again...

This is the final sketch, I draw the base for the character with a 2.0 mechanical pencil with blue refill, then I draw the final lines with a HB 0.5 mechanical pencil. For her final look I add some blue color layers digitally with Photoshop CS3.

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GnK blog and more videos

I don't submit anything since january, so here I come~!!! I have a lot of new things to talk about my manga Getsuei no Kokoro, I open a blog to submit a lot of interesting things about the making process of the manga, like videos of how I penciling or inking my pages, samples and designs of the characters.

You can acces the blog clicking here

So since the last entry I have new videos to show you:

Inking a pair of eyes of one of the pages from the second chapter

Penciling a panel of one page of the third chapter

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