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Masterclass at the Wacom booth - XVII Salo del Manga de Barcelona

Like the last four years I'm going to the manga convention held at Barcelona city knowed as "Saló del Manga de Barcelona", this year is going to be a bit different for me because I was choosen for make a Masterclass at the Wacom booth:

(click to enlarge)

Like me, there going to be another three spanish artist masterclasses, all of them are some of my Nowevolution editorial partners. The schedule for the activities are:

Saturday - Laura Kjoge, author of the manga Nómadas
Sunday - Desirée Masrtínez, author of the manga Mi Querido Vecino
Monday - Me, author of the manga Getsuei no Kokoro (unpublished)
Tuesday - Ángela Lara, author of the manga Sweet Blood (unpublished)

You can see in this map, where the Wacom booth is, and where the Nowevolution booth is:

(click to enlarge)

So if you are to going to this convention see you there~!!! You can find me at the Nowevolution booth or walking around ;)

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