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Orenji Magazine #0

Some weeks ago I wrote about the publishing of my manga Wish Upon a Star by Ediciones OrangON... This week the number 0 of their Orenji Magazine, in wich Wish Upon a Star will be published, is now available for download here:

Orenji Magazine #0

You can see a little teaser of Wish Upon a Star as well as other of their comics previews!!! My comic is at page 30 ^-^

But if you don't understand spanish at all and want to see the teaser material, here it is:

Bell: Star, ¿? years, White/brown hair, blue eyes
Cheerful, she's a fallen shooting star, and she can only use her magic for her master wishes

Josh: Prince, 16 years, blonde hair, grey eyes
Calm, half-blood dragon, he can use magic and when he uses it, his eyes become golden



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