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Noragami Merchandise

After the merchan of KuroBasu now I bring you some Noragami merchan, I read the manga and I want to see the anime but not right now maybe when tehy come up with a second season 'cause the first manga arc was a lil' boring, and I think that the anime covers this first arc so I wanna wait for the second arc xDDD

Here the badges/buttons with the packaging, like in the KuroBasu pack, is a 4 badges/buttons pack with 4 of the mains characters, Nora, Yato, Yukine and Hiyori Iki

Here the straps/keychans, for the Nora and Yato ones I made some changes in the reverse versions to match the original designs like the crown on the Yato jacket and the triangle fabric on Nora forehead, I decided to not change the hair direction 'cause in the anime designs they constantly changes the direction of their fringes xDDD

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