My last project!

Today I want to talk about my last manga project, yeah I know I know, I'm always making new manga projects... I love my old projects like MissedsoulS and Twin Moons, but right now I want to make something more moe, I always like the Koge Donbo's mangas (DiGi Charat, Pita Ten, Kamichama Karin,...), her style and her stories are always so kawaii and moe. Since I started my manga career I wanted to make something similar, a sweet and kind story with super cute characters. So some weeks ago I tried a new style for the eyes in my characters, with this I got a new moe point enough to finally try to draw a moe manga!!!

Getsuei no kokoro (月影の心) is the final result of this dream of making a moe manga, right now I can't say much things about the story but I can show you how will look like the main female character:

Serina WIP
Her name is Serina, she's a 10 years old albino girl who due to her "ill" (she has complet albinism, so she can suffer severe burns if she's exposed to sunlight) always lived at a hospital. She loves to escape from her room at full moon nights to see the moon bright at the hospital roof.

This week I try to introduce to all of you the male character called Knite!
Bye bye~!

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Me gusta mucho el diseño, muchisima suerte :)

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