Knite from Getsuei no kokoro

Few days ago I introduce to all of you to my character Serina from Getsuei no kokoro and I promise to introduce as well to Knite, the male main character!!!

Here you can see him, he's more adult and serious than Serina because he grow up only with his father and because of his work they need to make a lot of home movings around a lot of cities. Like you can see he has dark skin and dark hair but his eyes are red like the Serina's eyes

Like I said before, her name is Knite and he's 12 years old. Unlike Serina he is a healhty boy but he pay a visit to the hospital once a year to make a complete check on, especially his eyes, he wears special contact lenses to protect his eyes. I can't tell more info without making some spoilers, sorry!!!

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