Backgrounds, moe or not?

If you read this blog at this point you may know that I'm working on a new project called Getsuei no Kokoro. Well today I started to sketch the pages and I find myself in fornt of a strong dilemma: backgrounds, mor or not?

Because I want to make a super moe and cute manga but I want to make a manga with good backgrounds to, so what can I do?

First I draw this background:

Like you can see I go with a serious style with this bg, I make a one point perspective for this roof view. But I feel like something was wrong with it and then I try with this other background...

Moe background:

I try to make some more childish like something cartoon or anime for childs with this one, and I like it more than the first, so I think that I want moe bgs for this new story. But moe bgs don't mean that I don't go to use perspectives too xD So I need to mix moe looks with perspectives xDDDD Pray for me~!

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