Step by Step: StarHeartStar Art Trade

This is my part of the art trade with ~StarHeartStar, we talk about making illustrations using a color as main thematic. So I choose yellow as my color, I add touches of orange and red to make it more realistic. I really like the outcoming of this illustration!!! I want to submit here the step by step of this illustration:

This time the initial sketch was simpler to perform because I use an earlier drawing as reference for it. In the sketch I only place the main elements to make more easy the ink process.

In this step I ink the drawing, this is the time to correct any possible errors that could had the sketch, such as reducing her head a little and change the position of the hand and the dolphin.

I choose the yellow as the main color, so I don't need to think so much about the other colors that I need to add. For the bikini yellow, for the hair a pale yellow. As I want this to be a beach scene with sea, I think that a tanned skin is more appropriate and will make more contrast with the yellow bikini and pale yellow hair. Finally the clear blue eyes add more contrast to the dark skin of the character.

I begin to add shadows, skin and clothing first. Also I shadow the dolphin that is riding the girl. I try the shadows to be contrasted but soft at the same time.

I add more shadows, this time to the hair and eyes, I always like the hair being smooth, but setting a little the tufts. I add some light on the skin and also some darker shades in the shadows.

I make a background with a gradient sky with yellow, orange and red. The sea instead of shades of blue, have yellow and orange colors as a reflection of light and sky.

Finally I make the final composition with character and background. I add some finishing touches like some white touches. I adjust the colors to make a fitting color composition between background and character.

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