Working hard on GetsuKoko

On my previous entry I talked about the Masterclass that I taught at the Wacom booth during the XVII Salo del Manga de Barcelona, so in this one I want to show you what I made at the Masterclass. I wanted to make some illustration with Easy paint tool Sai but the program won't work so I had to improvise something with Manga Studio. It's a Serina, you can see the sketch lines under the clean ones:
Page File01

Well, like the title of the entry says, I'm working hard on my manga... I can't make finished pages 'cause I need to improve a lot my style. My editors told me some changes that they want me to do, so I'm working on this changes! Here some Serina sketches:

Comparison of the after and before the changes were being introduced, again I used Serina as a subject of the experiments on my style. This time is a human version of Serina:

Working on the proportions for the new more balanced style at the faces, right now I have added a side face too, but here are frontal and 3/4 faces:

A christmas Serina sketch for 2011, well, the past year I draw too Serina for the happy christmas "card"... I'm a bit unoriginal on the themes of my illustrations because my head is full of GetsuKoko related things...

For the last one I want to show all of you the sample of my efforts working on the new face proportions. Up you can see the sketch of a panel which corresponds to the page 59 of the manga, down you can see the same panel with the new hairstyle and face proportions. Again it's Serina the subject of my tests:

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Very nice sketches!

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