Too much time since...

...the last time that I wrote something on the blog xD

I'm a forgetful person so when I realized that I didn't write here, it's like half and a year, sorry for that >-<

My life had ups and downs like my mood for write and draw...

Since the last time I worte here I finished the second chapter of GetsuKoko and begun with the third one, as always you can read the pages online (the link for the english and spanish versions of the comic are on the up banner right here)

At this moment I decided to not finish more pages and focus only on draw all the pages in pencil because reasons xDDD And I decided too that I will publish the complete comic as one book, I know that I released the prologue and the first chapter as one comicbook, but this time for the new book I'll redraw these two parts and for the people who already have the old comicbook there will be freebies if they want to buy the new book...

As a preview of the work on the prologue and chapter one revamp, here a comparative collage of the old and new versions:

And that's all for now...

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