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I don't submit anything since january, so here I come~!!! I have a lot of new things to talk about my manga Getsuei no Kokoro, I open a blog to submit a lot of interesting things about the making process of the manga, like videos of how I penciling or inking my pages, samples and designs of the characters.

You can acces the blog clicking here

So since the last entry I have new videos to show you:

Inking a pair of eyes of one of the pages from the second chapter

Penciling a panel of one page of the third chapter

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Some GnK Videos

I want to show you some videos related to my manga Getsuei no Kokoro in wich I'm working right now, there are tow videos, this is the first:

Here you can see how I ink a panel of my manga, I know, the light is bad but I promise to make another video with better quality.

And for the second one, I choose to make a video with the process of my "Happy Christmas" draw featuring Serina, one of the two main characters of GetsuKoko:

I want to make more videos, but I don't have much time left for it with the work of making the pages xD

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Happy New Bunny Year 2011~!

Knite and Serina wants to wish to all of you a Happy New Bunny Year 2011~!!!!! As well as me xDDDD I wish that this new year brings to all of you a lot of good things to share with the people that you love and care for~!

So be good until the 00:00 and begin the year withh all the luck and my best wishes~!!!

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Getsuei no Kokoro - Provisional Cover

Well I'm glad to announce that my new project Getsuei no Kokoro [Heart of Moonlight] will be published in 2011 by nowevolution (spanish publishing house). Some time ago I submit here a first design for the main characters Serina and Knite, and a sketch of one of the panel backgrounds too!!! You can found all the entries related to this project under the category Getsuei no Kokoro.

Now you can see Serina and Knite in their human form here at the provisional cover for the manga (in black and white version)!!!! ^3^ Wish me luck~!


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Knite and Serina pen sketches

Hello there again~! Today I want to show to all of you how look like one of mine pen sketches, I'm usually make my art digitally but sometimes I can't use my tablet (like today, I was very bored atr work so I started to make a sketch in a notebook) and here you can see it:

They are Serina and Knite from my last project Getsuei no Kokoro, they are so cute that I can't restrain myself to draw them everywhere at any time xDDD I really luv this two!!

For today this is all!!! Sorry for a really short entry, but I was a bit tired all the day and I can't make anymore than these two sketches! *hug*

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Backgrounds, moe or not?

If you read this blog at this point you may know that I'm working on a new project called Getsuei no Kokoro. Well today I started to sketch the pages and I find myself in fornt of a strong dilemma: backgrounds, mor or not?

Because I want to make a super moe and cute manga but I want to make a manga with good backgrounds to, so what can I do?

First I draw this background:

Like you can see I go with a serious style with this bg, I make a one point perspective for this roof view. But I feel like something was wrong with it and then I try with this other background...

Moe background:

I try to make some more childish like something cartoon or anime for childs with this one, and I like it more than the first, so I think that I want moe bgs for this new story. But moe bgs don't mean that I don't go to use perspectives too xD So I need to mix moe looks with perspectives xDDDD Pray for me~!

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Knite from Getsuei no kokoro

Few days ago I introduce to all of you to my character Serina from Getsuei no kokoro and I promise to introduce as well to Knite, the male main character!!!

Here you can see him, he's more adult and serious than Serina because he grow up only with his father and because of his work they need to make a lot of home movings around a lot of cities. Like you can see he has dark skin and dark hair but his eyes are red like the Serina's eyes

Like I said before, her name is Knite and he's 12 years old. Unlike Serina he is a healhty boy but he pay a visit to the hospital once a year to make a complete check on, especially his eyes, he wears special contact lenses to protect his eyes. I can't tell more info without making some spoilers, sorry!!!

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My last project!

Today I want to talk about my last manga project, yeah I know I know, I'm always making new manga projects... I love my old projects like MissedsoulS and Twin Moons, but right now I want to make something more moe, I always like the Koge Donbo's mangas (DiGi Charat, Pita Ten, Kamichama Karin,...), her style and her stories are always so kawaii and moe. Since I started my manga career I wanted to make something similar, a sweet and kind story with super cute characters. So some weeks ago I tried a new style for the eyes in my characters, with this I got a new moe point enough to finally try to draw a moe manga!!!

Getsuei no kokoro (月影の心) is the final result of this dream of making a moe manga, right now I can't say much things about the story but I can show you how will look like the main female character:

Serina WIP
Her name is Serina, she's a 10 years old albino girl who due to her "ill" (she has complet albinism, so she can suffer severe burns if she's exposed to sunlight) always lived at a hospital. She loves to escape from her room at full moon nights to see the moon bright at the hospital roof.

This week I try to introduce to all of you the male character called Knite!
Bye bye~!

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