Finished Old vs New

Not to long ago I submitted here some comparatives between some old and new pencil pages from the prologue of my original comic GetsuKoko, so now you can see the comparative between one finished page, at the left the old one (2010) and at the right the new one (2014)


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New KuroBasu merchan

I'm getting ready for the Japan Expo, so I made a revamp of my Kagami and Kuroko chibis and worked on new ones, Aomine and Kise...

I'll make 38mm (1,5inch) badges/buttons that will be available in a pack of four, here you can see the preview of the individual badges/buttons over the packaging design, there is a basketball ball under each button/badge on the packaging ^-^

There will be keychans/straps too and maybe some kiss-cut stickers with the same design of the first draw in this blog entry, they will be available at Japan Expo in July at Paris

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Ink wips

Well, I like to take photos of my inking process in Manga Studio and then upload these to my Instagram account, so now I sahre with you some of these captures!!!

Serina from chapter 3, page 57, third panel

Serina and Knite from chapter 3, page 58, last panel

Knite from chapter 3, page 59, last panel

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My new badges arrived!!!

I ordered new badges/buttons to re-stock my online store:

Knite and Serina from my original comic GetsuKoko and a chini me~!!!

Kagami and Kuroko from Kuroko no Basuke manga

Alibaba and Aladdin form Magi manga

Soushi and Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS manga

Garry, Mary and Ib from horror game Ib

All of them are 38mm badges/buttons

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Some pencils...

Here a recolection of sketches/pencils form the remake of GetsuKoko prologue and chapter one as well of some from the chapter three...
IMG_20131021_230659.jpg IMG_20131021_230845.jpg
IMG_20131023_003413.jpg IMG_20131023_214557.jpg
IMG_20131024_230919.jpg IMG_20131025_235357.jpg
IMG_20131027_214333.jpg IMG_20131104_203402.jpg
IMG_20131106_175643.jpg IMG_20131107_222308.jpg
IMG_20131115_194221.jpg IMG_20131116_205716.jpg

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Till the page 12...

Yesterday I imported to Manga Studio all the pencil pages that I had from prologue and chapter one remake's as you can see in the image below:
The first four pages are from the Valentine's special that I made for number 4 of the now extint P*Magazine of PrimulaStudio, the next 14 pages are the prologue remake, then is the cover I choose to change it with the cover that I made for the third chapter of the online version and the rest of pages are from the remake of the first chapter, I have until the 12 page but in the image you can only see until the double page 09/10 markes as 28/29

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