Now working on...

...the remake of the first chapter for GetsuKoko printed version in one book, I already finished the pencil work for the remake of the prologue that will be 18 page long. The four first pages are from the Valentine's special that I draw this year.

Like I said, I'm working at the first chapter right now, I have 10 pencil pages including the new version of the double page in wich they discovers where they are...
I changed a bit the concept for this page, making Serina, Knite and Neerah seeing the scenary from above and changing the gigantic flowers for normal ones ^-^

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More Old vs New...

I want to submit more comparatives between the old and the new GetsuKoko prologue, so here it is...

This time is the page 8 of the prologue, the thing is that some panels that were on one page at the old version are in two diferent pages in the new one because the narrative is a little diferent betweet this versions...

I kinda like this page a lot, no real reason for it xD

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Too much time since...

...the last time that I wrote something on the blog xD

I'm a forgetful person so when I realized that I didn't write here, it's like half and a year, sorry for that >-<

My life had ups and downs like my mood for write and draw...

Since the last time I worte here I finished the second chapter of GetsuKoko and begun with the third one, as always you can read the pages online (the link for the english and spanish versions of the comic are on the up banner right here)

At this moment I decided to not finish more pages and focus only on draw all the pages in pencil because reasons xDDD And I decided too that I will publish the complete comic as one book, I know that I released the prologue and the first chapter as one comicbook, but this time for the new book I'll redraw these two parts and for the people who already have the old comicbook there will be freebies if they want to buy the new book...

As a preview of the work on the prologue and chapter one revamp, here a comparative collage of the old and new versions:

And that's all for now...

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The shop is OPEN~!!!

I opened the online store for the doujin circle cons leftovers, you can visit it by clicking in the pic below or in the "Shop" section at the web menu

At the shop you can buy the books that I make within the circle and all types of merchandising like badges, straps and prints of different mangas/animes like Magi, Inu x Boku SS, Puella Magi Madoka Magica,...

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Orenji Magazine #0

Some weeks ago I wrote about the publishing of my manga Wish Upon a Star by Ediciones OrangON... This week the number 0 of their Orenji Magazine, in wich Wish Upon a Star will be published, is now available for download here:

Orenji Magazine #0

You can see a little teaser of Wish Upon a Star as well as other of their comics previews!!! My comic is at page 30 ^-^

But if you don't understand spanish at all and want to see the teaser material, here it is:

Bell: Star, ¿? years, White/brown hair, blue eyes
Cheerful, she's a fallen shooting star, and she can only use her magic for her master wishes

Josh: Prince, 16 years, blonde hair, grey eyes
Calm, half-blood dragon, he can use magic and when he uses it, his eyes become golden



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Wish Upon a Star is being published

My last comic project "Wish Upon a Star" is going to be published by Ediciones OrangON


"Anyone who sees a shooting star, can try to make a wish, but as we all know is very difficult to get them granted... What if one day a shooting star fell from the sky to earth to fulfill all your desires?

Bell is a shooting star that after falling from the sky has an encounter with which she believes is his destined master, the one for which she must grant the wishes... Her biggest problem is that Josh, his supposed master, is a prince who already has everything he needs.

Can Bell find something that Josh really wants and in this way return to the sky?"

Character sketches:



Sketched page:


Finished panels:

Wish Upon a Star 03 Viñeta

Wish Upon a Star 05 Viñeta

Wish Upon a Star 06 Viñeta

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